Kim Kardashian To Launch New Kids Clothing Line, Collaborating with Lloyd Klein [PHOTOS]

Kardashian has been criticized her entire pregnancy for her weight, so it is understandable that she has been keeping a low profile. However, it sounds like she is ready to come forward with her baby. According to a new Hollywood Life report published on Aug. 5, Kardashian has supposedly sold the rights to the first pictures of her daughter, North West. They have worked out a deal with a magazine but no one knows what magazine or [exactly] when.

‘I am sure she is going to come up with a line for babies,’ Klein told the New York Daily News . Scroll down for video Out and about: Kim Kardashian, seen here out for lunch on May 16 in Los Angeles, plans to launch her own line of children’s clothes Klein also noted that he expects Kim and Kanye West’s daughter to be a ‘great poster child’ for the line. Any plans to put North – who was born on June 15 – in the fashion limelight might not bode well with West, however, as recent reports suggest the controversial rapper demands privacy for his daughter. It’s also unclear whether Klein might be involved in Kim’s new project – the Canadian designer has been designing his own children’s line, Baby Klein, but still has ‘a way to go’ before it’s complete. Brand power: Savvy reality star Kim Kardashian appeared in a video message last week on her mother’s show Kim Kardashian returns to spotlight after SEVEN weeks in hiding A best-of-both-worlds collaboration between Kim and Klein could make for stellar sales, and Klein was not shy about pointing out the selling power of the Kardashian brand. ‘She wore one of my dresses not long ago and it got sold all over the world, even in the Middle East,’ he pointed out. The L.A.-based designer also reportedly suggested a few potential stylistic themes for Kim’s baby line, click here including ‘soft colors, pastels, something very dreamy and still trendy.’ MailOnline has reached out to Kim’s spokesperson regarding the line.

The reality star is reportedly planning on creating a new baby clothing line. Designer Lloyd Klein, a friend of Kardashians, said that Kim plans on entering the world of baby clothes in the near future. Kardashian hasnt announced any official plans yet but Klein said that the reality star is already coming up with ideas and plans to make North West the poster child. Klein said : I am sure she is going to come up with a line for babies. There arent any concrete details about Kim Kardashians baby line but Klein said that the reality star would be smart to get into the baby clothes market. Why? Well, Kim is a marketing force. Klein said that one of his dresses sold out shortly after Kim was spotted in it. Klein said: She wore one of my dress not long ago and it got sold out all over the world, even in the Middle East. Kim has already entered the fashion world and reality star is always looking for a new way to expand her empire.

Kim Kardashian to launch ‘baby range inspired by North West’ as extensive renovation continues on mansion

[It would be] soft colors, pastels, something very dreamy and still trendy. “I do have a line that I am trying to put together for children, for babies, and it is called Baby Lloyd, but we are not there yet. There is still a way to go.” Klein says that while Kim’s rollercoaster media image is reflected in her fashion career, her outfits sell. “One day you are up and one day you are down,” he said. ‘I am sure she is going to come up with a line for babies,’ Canadian designer Lloyd Klein told Confidenti@l regarding pal Kim Kardashian. “They [the Kardashians] are doing clever moves. They are fantastic and beautiful – so it works.

Kim Kardashian Sells Baby Photos To Magazine [Rumor]

The magazine photos will be coming out soon, perhaps August 15. Norths second month birthday Of course Kris is in on the magazine deal. Remember Kris is the momager! But its all very hush-hush and Kris will include the debut of the magazine cover on her show of course. It will all be tied in together somehow. Kim Kardashian has been trying to keep her baby out of the spotlight so its a little surprising to see her sell photos of Northwest.

Kim Kardashian Launching Baby Fashion Line [Rumor]

We have to wonder if boyfriend Kanye West will appreciate the girly effort, though. Kardashian revealed earlier this year that her rapper beau planned to “have things specially made” for their child. The irony of Kim Kardashian’s #NoJustice Twitter message >> “I dont think hand-me-downs are going to work,” she told Jimmy Kimmel. “It has to be really fun stuff chains and leather pants.” And it seems like West does have an interest in kid’s clothes, too. Take this with a grain of salt, but the U.K. Sun recently reported that the couple sent “mini versions of Kanyes [clothing], including skinny jeans and hoodies” to Kate Middleton and Prince William’s infant son , Prince George. Will we see little George wearing the designs any time soon?

Kim Kardashian will definitely design kids clothes, says pal

As well as doing all the obvious things, Kim decided to add an extra 4,000 square feet. Kim’s first appearance in seven weeks So obviously Kim and baby papa Kanye have to pay for all of this so why not lend your babys name to a clothing range. Although Kim, who popped up in a taped message on Kris Jenners new chat show (scroll down for the video) may not have confirmed her clothing range, pal Klein is certain she wont be able to resist putting pen to paper. “I am sure she is going to come up with a line for babies , Klein told Confidenti@l. What will Kanye say?


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